Original: September 29, 2018

Revised: February 10, 2019


The Iranians once (in the late 1970s or early 1980s) called us “the Great Satan”. I think, today, September 29, 2018, they finally proved it. The original idea was that the United States wanted Iran’s oil and money and so they took over their government with capital and installed a stooge to do what they wanted done, low cost oil. I have seen and I do see the same money makes the rules mising inside the United States: the wealthy took over the government with capital while the poverty were so busy working they were used as proof that the wealthy are the only people who have the time to govern. As their stooges occupy the highest offices of the government, everything they do has been legalized. Its easy to see why the Iranian complaint was right and correct: view the United States as a foreign money operated power structure, as the Iranians would the influence of the United States in their land, and notice how they have done the same thing here. Now, on February 10, 2019, it is still difficult to not believe what was written in 2018. The only changes have been for clarification.

Originally I wrote:

“Professor Emeritus Wolff pointed to one thing that I know is true. When these politicians’ schemes do not work anymore, when the public finally wakes up to the lies and cheating they are doing, they all do what George Bush Jr. did immediately, knowing he had cheated the United States out of its right to vote: they start a war so that nobody can change anything politically unless they are in the government. They remove liberty and rights from the people (Patriot Act) and then they give the public the reasoning that it cannot replace the president, it would be too dangerous during a war.” Here it is the second month in 2019 and the United States is withdrawing armies instead of inserting or installing them, so things did not happen as they had so many times in the past. What I wrote next was completely wrong to this date, and it was “Donald Trump plans on a second term as soon as he was sworn in, I or we know now how he will get it, he will start a war and bet on the belief that nobody can replace the president during a war. The rest of the government will agree with him, nobody can replace anybody during a war, the war comes first, unless you want to loose it, then you are a traitor.”

What the Iranians are doing now, I do not know. They have sanctions upon them from the 1970s that were lifted, then they had an agreement concerning not making nuclear weapons, then they had sanctions put back on them. They look as the same Iranians that support wars in Yemen and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan they are well known as the suppliers of shaped explosives for road side bombs. I wonder if, after they threw out the “Great Satan”, they are find the “Great Satan” in their own wealthy government as we are here.