Compensation Rates

April 23, 2016


Working is in accordance with what is good. When someone works we instinctively believe they deserve something. There are many examples, a child, a man or woman who works for the common good within an organization, a man or woman who builds something to help itself survive deserves the help provided by it. Therefore it is in accordance with what is good that person is remunerated for their work. This fact is so intuitive that we call work a right and we call remuneration a right universally. A person who makes something to help itself survive naturally gets the benefit of what it builds, but this scenario is one of a frontiersman working alone, away from civilization. It is more important to consider that men and women work next to each other inside civilization.

Concern for what is an improvement among a civilization is its culture. The culture of work in the United States includes the idea that work is its own reward for most, and in that excellence of our own work, as what is called a virtue, we are expected to find our compensation. There is a disconnection between the effort and the skill I put into my work and the remuneration I receive from it in dollars. This is very contrary to our education at all degrees of learning. For example, Vince Lombardi (professional NFL football coach), famously said “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” Thomas A. Edison, inventor, “Three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are: Hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.” Stephen King, author, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” In our culture success and achievement are not appreciated by remuneration through employers. Work is legislated to be its own reward, success and achievement are given to the public by businesses and those who own the corporations that it comes from are remunerated for public success and achievement while the citizens who actually do the work are privately rewarded with alcohol, cigarettes, masturbation, limited social relationships (that are not worth having), and the time to use them. While it would be nice to be able to choose between monetary remuneration and these other private dispensations, you cannot do it, they decide which you will receive.

Why one person is paid more than another, why one receives the job that pays more than the other job, is first decided by the evolutionary perspective upon the human race as to its propagation in the future. So no matter how hard you work, how much of your life you dedicate to science or good will or social well-being you will be treated as working livestock and your money or feed determined by your breeding capacity. So that is the reason some persons are paid more than others initially.

As we know, all over the world, some workers dispensations are in larceny instead of alcohol, cigarettes, masturbation, and limited social relationships. These are the persons who make more income than the largest family conceivable could justify. There is only one place the extra money they steal can come from: the money/remuneration that would have been available to us as workers. In there larceny they are not punished for not being reasonable, lying, and cheating the rest of us of our remuneration. What seems to have happened is that contrary to what schools teach about the protestant reformation. The protestants liked the dispensations that could be bought from the leader and incorporated them into a new church of law and government. The reformation was not of the so called bad practices of the Catholic church but to form a church of the rule of law through government leaving Protestantism as the facade for the religious aspect of the former empire. This dispensatory rule of government has extended to ignoring murder by those wealthy enough to purchase those dispensations.

Managing the citizens who are cheated and abused constantly and legally so that they continue to report to work and perform labor is the reason management is paid more than labor. Without reasons beyond wages and benefits received as compensation from an employer, those necessary to sustenance, the manual worker would not work for an employer, and so providing those reasons to work to the consciousness of the workers and the public without putting it under compulsory circumstances is how the pay scale begins to increase for the local workers. A confident, inspired, and justified worker, one with just and favorable conditions of work including the condition of his or her beliefs, increases the amount of work through his or her faith in what he or she does or is doing, and such a worker is said to have a good attitude. It becomes more and more difficult to provide justifiable reasons without the aid of compensatory circumstances, that is work or you will be homeless, hungry, instutionalized ,etc. Without these consequences, the beating of the human body by the elements of nature or the police arm of the government this capitalist economy of the United States could not continue, and this is the reason there are the largest number of prisoners in the United States. The natural conclusion from these beliefs is that the wealthy are overcompensated by the choice not to prosecute them through the government. They should be prosecuted because they are failing to manage business without the use of fascism. They simply are not as good at what they do as those who praise them for what they do for society would tell us to believe. The British would say they are bloody, and that means they are covered in blood, covered by the blood of the persons they have beaten and or killed to accomplish what they have done.

I believe the error arose when the United States changed from remunerating and selecting occupation based on ability to that choice being made by evolutionary prospect.