Oscilloscope Notes

May 11, 2014

Todd Martin Miller

Weaverville, NC


Another question, if this is a 100MHz scope, why is it not easier to measure 16MHz?

A 75MHz has a period of 13.3 x 10-9 Hz. The scope has a graticule face. The lowest period is 0.05x10-6s, which is a frequency of 20MHz, and a 10x magnification knob 200MHz. A 100MHz signal has a period of 10x10-9s = 0.01x10-6. Since the screen has ten division graticules on it, the total time on the screen is 0.1x10-6s. If the sweep setting (seconds per division) is set to the smallest time interval (0.05x10-6s) then a 100MHz wave will occupy 5 divisions of the positive side of the waveform and 5 divisions on the negative side of the wave form. One wave will fit on the screen, and that is without magnification.