Investment in Entrepreneurial Companies


by Todd Martin Miller, Ph.D.


October  26th, 2000


The president of the country, the United States of America, supports beliefs in the value of the output of this country.  The goods and especially the services the United States produces are the purpose of the establishment of new corporations.  The young entrepreneurs are given the opportunity by his leadership to create what they believe is valuable to this country and to do what is valuable to this country by selling goods and selling services.  Establishing these corporations by working in them without being compensated is the way I established Numismatic Corporation. 


The Numismatic Corporation was established to legitimize the commercial value of the computer software developed to profit.  As Numismatic Corporation was being established the equipment needed to produce the software and the funds needed to buy it and to pay the salary of anyone who worked for it were never supplied to Numismatic Corporation itself.  Instead the entrepreneur himself provided all of the capital directly to himself and worked for Numismatic Corporation without being compensated.  It seems obvious now that the funds used during the work for Numismatic Corporation should have been invested in Numismatic Corporation and received by it as legitimate investments.  The investments were not for the reason that the establishment of the corporation was a new skill being learned and the necessary documents and employees skilled in those tasks were not available as the Numismatic Corporation was created by a sole entrepreneur in a home. 


The improper order in which the Numismatic Corporation was founded created the situation in which the entrepreneur and not the corporation finds itself in debt.  The prejudices against the employment law that states that no person with a physical defect may be denied employment resulted in the reasoning of investors and contributors being flawed.  If eating an apple was a function a corporation provided compensation towards during employment and I was not able to eat apples due to a physical defect then it is not how I would serve the country better to accept that occupation.  Therefore and trusting our fellow citizens I believe contrarily towards those who believe that this statute is wrong.  If it served the country better that I should eat apples then the country will find the means to empower me to do so.  Thus, the lack of interest in Numismatic Corporation did not lend the proper ordering that should have conceived of the process as establishment of the Numismatic Corporation and then the building of products.


As I rushed to produce the best software I could possibly manufacture the establishment of the corporation was done during the evenings.  Being faithful to all and believing that good would result I spent more capital than I owned.  If I had perhaps put the capital first in the Numismatic Corporation treasury and then purchased the equipment and services needed to create teh in the corporation then the considerations placed on investments would have prevented the debt from growing beyond what I had saved and what I could borrow. 


Using the internet as a means of communicating with the citizens most likely to possess the equipment necessary to use the software I believed they of the interested like and kind could and did comment on the prototype I supplied on the website bearing my name.  After sixteen thousand people visited the website it was changed and the prototype was removed from public access.  While it was accessible the platform based software that does not operate on the internet was developing. 


When investment is critical is when the software and the owner cannot continue without bankruptcy or the consequences of being bankrupt and not having declared it.  At that point the owner of the Corporation can no longer produce software or pay debts and being at that point as I write this here and now Investment in Entrepreneurs as the subject requires this analysis.


Although I am not the President of the United States of America, a Senator, Congressman, Federal Justice, Governor or an Investor, as an Entrepreneur I need to rely on those virtues to conduct business.  The public scrutiny of the government officials ensures their integrity while the investor is anonymous.  When attempting to locate investors it is easily discernable that investors are employees of other corporations and government as well as retired persons.  Most of these investors rely on professionals to determine which investments their capital will be placed in.  The investment bankers are paid to investigate the profit potential of many different kinds of corporations including the tiniest of corporations such as Numismatic Corporation viewed as a legally established corporation with no employees and no assets. 


With the proper standard of the law in mind the entrepreneur believes that investment bankers calculate the potential of a profit in a corporation by mathematics using variables that relate to society.  Each citizen places a value and worth on the intangibles given names by society that represent good.  Each of these values or mores are within the integrity and described by theories and moralities as well as ethics by citizens.  As each potential customer is a citizen and naturally intends to have the best products the country can produce a variable with a name is speculated to be used and a number assigned to each variable representing the opinion of the investment banker of how much of the ideal quality the corporation possesses.  If the figures are normalized and counted then added together then if the number of normalized values is equal to the answer of the formula then the corporation is perfect.  A perfect corporation could build anything the public would ask to have.


As the owner of the Numismatic Corporation I placed a high value on truth.  Other virtues I also placed a high value on were serving the public and having faith in good citizenship.  Believing that good thanks will be given for being honest and being careful to follow proper rehabilitative behavioral development the conduct of myself is the most critical factor for the success of the business.