Civil Rights

At-Will Employment

An At-Will employment agreement in North Carolina is characterized by, among other things, the ability of the employer to hire, dismiss, promote, demote and assign “demeaning tasks” “for any reason or no reason at all” as the N. C. Commissioner of Labor, Cherry Berry, has published. At-Will employment is commonly defended by the argument: you can quit anytime you want and they can fire you anytime they want. That argument has the wrong premise: that the employer and the employee are equal parties to the contract. Having more money than you, employers support At-Will law because you have less money than them so they can do more than you. Having your legal authority in the government, you should have contract action in place because they have more money than you, but even the government has more money than you. In North Carolina, only the page you sign as your employment contract declares the obligations of the employer and employee, the policies of the employer have no bearing on the employer's conduct or the employees conduct in At-Will employment law unless they are part of the employment agreement you sign at the time of hiring, and they usually are not, although the signing is cluttered with other documents that make it appear they are.

If you believed in your employer as much as you pretend you can then you tell yourself At-Will does not matter since you need the job and the persons you will work for are not going to hold you to the letter of the law, then what contracts do you have in your mind? It is fair to say the usual unspoken expectation of an employee at a business is that a person doing a good job can keep that job as long as the employer can afford to employ that person and that if a good job is temporarily not done then a reasonable excuse corrected in a reasonable amount of time will not result in termination, that a reasonable business condition for dismissal could result in job termination, that the responsibility for poor performance will be placed on the person performing poorly, that extra effort will be appreciated or rewarded, and that a person is free to believe what it chooses while working. None of these protections is actually there when the employer decides against you in hiring, dismissal, promotion, demotion or the assignment of demeaning tasks.. At-Will employment does not offer anyone reasonable consideration for their past or future well-being, the right to be treated according to company policy, or the right to a compelling reason to justify dismissal. There is no law against a private list exchanged among employers containing the names of persons to be barred from employment for holding opinions considered undesirable. Your employer can demand your body and mind in North Carolina before you have a right to be employed and there is no law against it.

The impossibilities at work in At-Will employment law are that a citizen and an employee are two different beings with two different sets of legal rights. The anti-discrimination laws are meaningless: they presuppose that someone has to have a reason not to hire, to hire, to promote, to demote, or to dismiss while At-Will employment law allows employers to do those things without reason. With the exception of whistle blower protection, protecting the employee of an employer who would or is committing a crime from retaliation by that employer, all expectations of reason are meaningless in At-Will employment law since it depends on the will and not the reasoning of the one willing. The employer need not consider any law in dealing with an employee except in what it evidentially assigns the employee to do. While most people consider themselves reasonable, and do things only for good reasons, corporations are not people and they do things against reason. The persons they hire are thereby forced to do things without reason to keep their jobs.

What is wrong with At-Will employment is the implicit renunciation of the rights a citizen had when not employed by the signing of an At-Will employment contract, as if one employed sells or rents the the free exercise of their mind and if the the corporation disapproves of that free exercise on or off the clock it is a legitimate reason for termination of that employment. The right to work and to be paid for it is for the wages necessary to secure the life of the employee from starvation, exposure, and to secure the necessary material means of an adequate standard of living. Without these there is no reason to work except as a citizen who leaves its legal rights behind when crossing the threshold of the employer, and therefore, there is nothing left but the will to work, and that is the problem with At-Will employment.

The worthless or evil persons and those who collaborate with them through their beliefs and the acts they commit based on those beliefs.

The most worthless practice, consistent with religion, is the act that includes the belief that provides for blaming all the wrongs of their knowledge and awareness on one person in each generation or praising all the benefits of their knowledge and awareness on one person or an anonymous God; the substituting of only one for all others in sacrifice or in capitalization. Even worse, the corporation,like God, does not exist as a person. The primary mechanics and mechanism of blaming or praising those persons or corporations is “breathing with.” They claim that if someone “breathes with” something they said it. In a thought and belief system guided by truth, reason, justice and fairness, in a system of justice, such as the people of the United States of America ought to believe within, a person speaking is not considered to be speaking while they are not voicing speech; this is known as the right to remain silent, and you have it whether you are under arrest or free. Those opposing the principles of right and wrong being two different things, this principle of the correctness and rightness to be silent, or ignorant of it, treat breathing during a moment when something is being said to be speaking that thing itself. The conspicuousness in our society of this sort of stupidity is commonplace: “Don't you breath a word of it” or “I won't breath a word of it.” The idea of holding someone responsible or praising them for having breathed in the moment that something was said by someone else for what was said is dishonest and despicable, and those who do it are protecting the persons who actually said it either by blaming someone else or by giving the wrong person the praise for it.

In persons who value something else and then a dollar, decisions are made through beliefs, not by the breaths a person uses to remain alive. Breathing with some statement does not prove that someone believes it. The other, believing some voice they hear within their consciousness while someone else is breathing is not proof that the person the other is listening to believes what the voice said. What another believes can be asked of them and can be proven through reason; a person's acts betray what they are believing whether they admit to the belief or not. and whether or not they are aware that they are believing it. Nor can guilt or praise by association be useful to a just mind, rewarding someone or blaming them for believing what someone else believes. There are countless persons associated with organizations, the praise of whose beliefs are given to the owners or the corporation itself and the blame of whose owners are given to such persons, and they do not believe the same things as those organizations and this is happening throughout different levels of the organizations, not only by ownership but by authority within the organization. The freedom to breath according to the oxygenation needs of one's body is a right of reason and it is wrong to try to prevent it. Respecting that other people have beliefs and a right to breath is a civil right. Civil rights must be respected and have been put into the law for that reason.

To lack in the virtues so much that they do not respect the concept of belief, nor do they trust anyone to admit what they believe, and they do not acknowledge the meaning of the word conscience is to be wrong and wronging to other citizens. Such wrongdoers refrain from stating what they believe, they hide when they admit what they believe, and they believe it stupidity to have a conscience. As a movement in society, they so busy condemning, cursing, bankrupting, and unemploying the persons they blame for everything or congratulating, promoting, paying and working for the persons they praise for everything that they distrust reasoning and reject conscience. Yet the passivism promoted by religion in this nation and sanctioned by governmental faith based initiatives, has made it possible for the laws of this nation to accommodate them with Nietschian At-Will employment law; a will to power that blames the poor for inventing the conscience and ignores the consciousness as worthless disturbances of the neurons in their brains that need not be acknowledged with anything except a electronic instrument designed to measure them that some, as they see it, iidiot who puts more value on knowledge than a dollar must will be happy to work on without compensation while living in a tent, beneath a tarp or under a bridge.

There is a right to believe any belief one can choose, and their is a right to express such beliefs. What can one or more persons do against a person with a belief that they find contemptible and wrong if those who express it deny the right to reason and conscience? With no right to reason and conscience in the law, nothing; but a citizen with rights can preserve the right to free choice of employment, the employment itself, and the means of subsistence that are the reasonable right of any human being in their country against wrong beliefs. When these rights are lacking in the law, some do gladly disenfranchise those whose beliefs do not support their own advantages and that results unemployments, bankruptcies and citizens without any homes for the foreseeable future. Others do gladly franchise those whose beliefs support their own advantages and that results in salaries for life, government bailouts, and citizens with mansions and multiple homes for the foreseeable future. Reasoning and conscience seems unimportant to some in the United States of America, probably the corporations as they are seen as citizens by the law: Why reason with someone who you can buy and sell if you are wealthier than most of the citizens, when you can price them out of existence by exposing them to the elements and claim it is wrong to have a conscience and do it legally? Why reason with someone when you can buy the support of their opposition to reason and conscience and extend their life beyond its natural limits by paying for their health care and providing working conditions that do not hinder their longevity or spend their livelihood, against reason and conscience and do it legally? Under no obligation of the law to respect the consequences of conscience and reason, and propped up by financial and armed forces, those holding contemptible beliefs have provided themselves enough metaphysical goods to make the case that God and the public does not love or approve of those with less means than they have. They have brought into contempt those who cannot afford to pay the governmental corporation known as “In God We Trust” and those who would prefer not to shop there. They have changed the constitution of this national government to protect themselves from the reasonable consequences of their deeds. At every level of society they have made slavery of belief the mental currency of buying rights and reason which they monitor through “breathing with” and they enforce with every means currently at their disposal.

What is in the past and not present now is worth nothing towards the subsistence needs of our citizens today, yet these despots proclaim their good deeds towards our citizens in the citizen's own accomplishments made before the despots discovered them. Such things as High School diplomas, College and University degrees, jobs held for a year or two after these, retirement funds, earned in any job that could be had, drained through unemployment and taxed as if they were income from a prosperously working citizen were the results of efforts made by the citizen and not the results of benefactors forced to cooperate with reason and conscience that they do not know and did not then support. Retirement accounts that they legislated into investments for their corporations, corporations that have more legal standing and prestige in the law courts as citizens than we do as citizens, corporate citizens that cannot be incarcerated for their crimes yet can pay to say whatever they want to the public void of conscience and reason, all in supreme legality are examples of how the law has been usurped to benefit those who perceive the lack of the right to enforce right in the law to their advantages. What can we do against those who hold beliefs, contemptible towards are welfare that we do not have, corporations without a conscience and or reason that have no flesh and bone to occupy with one in a legal system without the right to reason and conscience? Nothing, save rebellion against the government when our legislator will not heed our arguments. The law provides nothing for these circumstances and is perfectly fitted to make corporations the citizens and human beings the slaves of them. Flesh and Bone citizens becoming nothing more than prisoners of conscience against corporate citizens with no such constraints, owned by flesh and bone citizens whose means of insulation are beyond the capacity to penetrate even with a unionized organization of all of their employees which would yield only a representative of the corporate citizen. The human citizens of this nation are powerless without the law on their side and the representatives of the citizens of this nation are not on the sides of their constituencies. Yet, they are broadcast constantly as if they were worth hearing, worth respecting, and worth protecting. Truly, the flesh and bones of our nation's laws, expending billions to protect themselves from us, to do to us what we would not do to ourselves are not reasonable, conscientious, or right.

A Single's Life Not Worth Living

North Carolina passed a constitutional amendment that the only form of marriage it recognizes is the union between a man and a woman. The reason this was necessary is that so many married persons are talking advantage of the benefits bestowed on married persons that instead of getting tough and revoking the licenses, the society and the government in most of the nation have found it is easier to let the unmarried join the married in exploitation of the system as married persons. Although some claim there are not that many advantages to that marriage license here are a few: lower taxes, health care discounts, auto insurance discounts, life insurance discounts, travel discounts, club membership discounts, cell phone plan discounts, savings from the size of the food purchased at the store, social security benefits that extend to the spouse after the other has died, better pay at work for the same work and preference in favor of hiring and promotion for married persons, a two-for-one plan for every family.

Instead of being honorable, society is full of dishonor for unmarried persons who must pay the bill for the freebies the couples are getting. While a family is given the means to purchase a house, unmarried persons are sent home to live with their parents even in their middle ages. Instead of answering to society, married persons answer to each other while the unmarried are made public property. Families profit from high unemployment, making their children dependent upon them to necessitate their perpetual free riding upon the society, free riding that the unmarried person have to explain to the youth as the representatives of society and to the married persons while they are in the public domain; “public domain”, another phrase like “breathing with”, misused for the sake of the worthless or evil persons mentioned above. Elections are decided by the issue of nepotism and its favored status by the families, they vote to preserve the paternal model of government, making of the President a dictator to the legislatures, wars are fought to disenfranchise the oppressed who are nearly in a better situation if a civil war broke out. A family of the wealthy, related by income and real estate, continue to perpetuate their own wealth, putting themselves first and holding office to increase the wealth of their faction of society at the expense of those most oppressed by the laws and customs of the United States of America: its refusal to differentiate right from wrong through reason and conscience in its laws. Families related by wealth have the government bail out their life insurance and investments with three trillion dollars worth of the public's money, leaving others to be homeless and jobless. Three trillion dollars they would not spend on the welfare of the unmarried, but they would spend on the welfare of families who have life insurance and investments in the options markets. They feel free to create three trillion dollars in public debt while they cower at the idea of passing a law that requires the families of wealth to be reasonable in their business practices.


The socialization process, known as education, in the United States of America indoctrinates students only to the current interpretation of the constitution, and teaches it as if it were perfect and justified, in that order. They teach that patriotism is defending it, and have the students saying the pledge of allegiance every day they can as if human beings derived their existence from the state. Thus, they make potential killers of everyone for the sake of defending the nation, they remove religion from the schools to eliminate passivism, and graduate students based on their level of patriotism. In higher learning, students are taught how to perform tasks thought useful to society, not those more useful to themselves. Although a student considers itself a student the entire time it attends to its education, the time spent out of the classroom is infested with the believe in an unerring, unblamable, all powerful corporation-like ghost called God. A God that, as some learn when they travel abroad, only exists in the United States of America. In foreign lands that God is not there and in its place are human beings of foreign citizenship.

So many citizens are unaware that God in the United States of America is the body of citizens who have built in respect for themselves, such as the elderly, the wealthy, and the unquestioningly obedient, that they curse anyone not in awe of God. Those who have the time and the money to direct society without the distraction of having to work for a living make up the personage of God among those who believe. The sanctioned cursing of those who do not believe includes the attacks on reputation and well-being through violations of right and conscience, persecution leading to prosecution, irregular intervals of employment, unemployment, bankruptcy, homelessness, and material dependency upon the parents no matter how old the apostate becomes.

God, like Santa Claus, must be given up, but like Santa Claus there are benefits to believing, and so there are few who will not pay lip service to the cause, for as long as someone cannot scientifically prove that God does not exist the continue to serve the anonymous beneficiaries through the hatred of humanity. Despising humanity, the religious, socialized into their functions, will only serve the anonymous benefactors of this lie. Unwilling to cooperate with human beings, if they believe God has asked them to do something they will faithfully provide the correct answer at their own expense. They will tell how to build a bomb, rob a store, cheat a victim, break the law, bankrupt or unemploy someone, even direct a war if they believe that God is on their side. Yet, ask them under the conditions where only the five senses are recognized as sanity, about what they believe about God and they will describe him as the giver and preserver of life and the provider of the lands of milk and honey.

After one has removed God from belief, one sees the United States of America in much the same way as someone from the United States of America sees a foreign nation that they believe has no God. There is no benevolent hope for a better future, simply the despotism of the plain and obvious exploitation occurring throughout levels of wealth in society. See the wealthy controlling the important things in a tyrannical way, the poor being exploited and helpless to resist, the injustice of killing and murdering by wrongdoers justified by the wrongdoing of those killed or murdered, and know the despair of empathizing and sympathizing with the exploited . The God that exists solely through the imagination and expression of others is then seen to function as providing the opportunity to ignore the injustice, the disparagement, the ignorance in society, and to teach others to suffer to provide an anonymous, non-human, corporate, entity with tasks performed with a will towards perfection, and to serve it while hating humanity, as well as to make death the ultimate good and the ultimate reward. Believers are taught to believe that God dispenses justice, when in fact it is the government's obligation to dispense justice; believing that God dispenses justice, and that the government does not, leaves justice undone.

The Working Middle Class who Disadvantage Others

Masters of the art of putting the blame on someone else, void of the constraints of reason and with a conscience made of money, the backbone of the wealthy middle class are the government's employees, from the federal government to the town hall and unto the government contractors and grant recipients. There are few citizens in society who have more human rights and do more human wrongs to other citizens than they do. Their job security is hinged upon the patriotism of the citizens and they are a part of that most selfish and egotistical segment of society that provides the philosophy that not having to do anything for other human beings and remaining wealthy is a utopia, much as God does. In their philosophy, it is best to have a workforce of machines,have the profits justify it, and force the rest of humanity fend for itself, thus At-Will employment. No right in their mind belongs other citizens, rights are all declared based on how they perceive the world, and they perceive it only as far as they see, hear, touch, taste or smell it with the added sting of practical experience. This is what the schools teach as science, consciousness void of the awareness outside the self of others and perfectly suited to scrap anything that cannot be proven in a scientific experiment. Happy with the process of socialization in which citizens are taught their place and to do their job whether they are employed or unemployed, paid or unpaid, healthy or unhealthy, blamed for the wrongs of someone else or praised for them, and praised for the rights of someone else or blamed for them; they oppose human rights as impractical, they oppose the reasoning that brought them, and the conscience that opposes their ruin and neglect. Paid for their patriotism, they enjoy that students are taught to function as machines from textbooks of procedures by persons who do not teach what they are doing for the sake of their students but teach their students what they are paid to teach them.

Much like the God of their holy scriptures, their personalities are accomplished in jealousy, the resentment against another's equality. Reasoning as a citizen with them is as futile as reasoning a television or a radio broadcast. They are the logical cause of crime and punishment, bankruptcies and unemployment, indigence and homelessness, inequality through economic mastery and slavery, the results of their Utopian view that they are only responsible for their own spaces and their own jobs. The concepts of unemployment, bankruptcy, indigence and homelessness do not impress them as wrongs, rather they see them as the socialized robots that they are, with no compassion and no impression that something is wrong, to them they are crimes without perpetrators that do not appear in the law and so they are under no obligation to address them. Outside of the tiny kingdoms, they respect only demands made by force or they do not alter their thinking or their course, grouped to ignore everything but their own job whether at work or at home. To see someone earn a wage on their pay scale for a year or two so they can direct the public's envy towards them is a small investment for them in their own security. They retain their jobs for life, supplemented family wealth, by pensions, patients, and copyrights, royalties and licensing fees made by the work of their employees, while owning the fruits of those labors through corporations that they use to write their own paychecks or pay their own dividends.

They have their own laws in the governing body for which they work that are written exclusively for them by the same governments that fallaciously defend corporations in their own interest, that are claiming to be mistreated and forced to pay a minimum wage, that refuse to consider the welfare of their fellow citizens, and that enter into contract law as citizens. Protected by a miscarriage of justice that focuses on their freedom of speech for the public interest, some corporations are so wealthy that Computer Based Learning courses, part of the corporate job requirements, teach against the rights of citizens to form unions, to organize and to assemble for reasons not favoring the interests of the corporations, all contrary to the universally recognized right to form unions and the national right to form assemblies. When someone who must work to experience human right goes to work, they have to advance and keep doing their best, but a government employee protected by a union to ensure its wage level or a wealthy owner protected by its economic power can stay in the same job its entire life, never advancing in responsibility, but always advancing in pay, and becoming more expert on minimizing the effort needed to meet its job requirements, the same job requirements they have had for decades, the job requirements that once took them forty hours a week,that now take them about twenty, so that now they have time to imitate the government and pretend to be the authority from which rights come from so as to confuse the poor as to which is worse and to dishearten them from the fact that the authority of the people rests in the government. The irregular employees, the unemployed, the homeless, and the destitute outside of the middle class are similar to the elected representatives in government, the representatives change, but the masters of the business stay the same year after year and decade after decade and do nothing of the representatives work or in the interests of others outside of their own families of wealth.

The structure of the typical working class family that disadvantages others depends on a spouse. They watch to justify their anger, under-educated and unable to express their views of society. Working on the simple premise that worked on their mothers and fathers at home while they were growing up, if it makes them angry then something is wrong and something must be done about it. Having been socialized, they attempt to justify that anger with arguments and come to the conclusion that the more angry they are the more compensation they deserve. Troubled by the reverse, the happier they are the less compensation they deserve, they meet the women they will marry, who represents and is the opposite when they argue. Not having to work, and being freed from work by their husbands they are the wealthy middle class who disadvantage others. They depend on being able to be God, and live as his wrath, never having their own personage, but always deferring to the he. They think of themselves as living for the good of others and expect all human kind to live for their good in return. When someone does not, they are murdered as atheists or bankrupted and unemployed or criminalized through the errors in their beliefs, installed by the socialization process. Perhaps still believing in God, God might tell them to commit a crime, and thus dispose of them in the prison system.


The Statue of Liberty tells us “Give us your poor, your ....”, but the government of fools has it backwards and the immigration law is set up to read Give us your rich, your wealthy, you r influential so that we who give them the rights of other Americans when they come here can get rich at the expense of other Americans. Those are the influences that write the immigration laws for the senators and congressmen and give all of that privilege to the God-like corporations. Other the other side of the ocean, Hitler stands amused at what the average American from the United States of American expects in reciprocation for his immigration laws. With is red-light district, his open drug use, and his governments, ready to file the criminal charges against the would be Americans to arm his immigrants to the United States of America with a scape goat who was charged with some such crime in Europe, the European immigration laws are carefully watched, by, you guessed, Hitler's personality. You do not plan to immigrate into Europe, you try to last seven or more years, and you cannot buy a citizenship either (another outrageous idea that some complete morons had some time ago, which shows you how stupid some people are in the United States of America, or how much they want 500,000 dollars).

What is worse is how many United State of Americans would be glad and so happy to leave this nation for reasons in this document to anywhere.

Trying to Work with all this going On

Taxes, paid for nothing but material supplies do not begin to defend this nation that way it needs defending. Trying to work and do it correctly leaves one writing documents like this while trying to do a technical job, interruptions that stop the work and lead to bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the kids are stealing letters as you type them claiming them to be persons who they want to know, leaving holes in the words as you type them. At the same time, there is some woman claiming that any spelling mistake proves you do not know what you are talking about and what you are writing cannot be believed. Concurrently, they still support the believe in God, especially when they are playing him, and they do that all of the time, as a group unit. It is known as family values.

Persons unfit to think, who do not think, they simply believe what you tell them and if you do not tell them what to believe they think you are stupid. The greatest mistake is respecting the beliefs of someone and their right to choose what they believe when they are incapable of choosing a belief or thinking one into a belief for themselves.

I would be calculating the capacitors needed for a crystal oscillator now, as a Doctor of Chemistry and computers, but as a result of all these difficulties.... And I was taught to believe this would be my job, for which I would be paid to work somewhere that these tasks were facilitated. Instead, my job was sold to the immigrants by the wealthy and I was used to blame by the families for not obeying some women who were playing God who were also immigrants. It made me so sick I have to stop writing.

I should not be surprised, the most famous doctor of philosophy is a murderer in prison who killed professors, excluding the religious doctors who broadcast their lies daily on the radio and television, the ones who tell people what they want to hear, there is a benevolent dictator who is all powerful and loves them, there is no rule he cannot break for their sake, and reason will never come to terms with that “truth”. They go on, all that you need to do is study the bible to learn the secret rules that that benevolent dictator uses to reward people, of which he has a few every week, depending on how they change with the benevolent dictator's will of the moment, the unchanging dictator who never gives a straight or comprehensible answer as to what he is doing with the world, but is clear on a few points. You are evil, you were evil before you were born, you have the right to reproduce, its all you have the right to do, you must come on your knees to him even if you cannot see him and you must always do what is best for others, for if you do anything for yourself, that is simply a manifestation of your evil coming out of you. He gets all the credit, and nobody else really deserves any of it. He has all the answers and if anybody else has any answers make them answer from inside their framework of beliefs and the dictator knows everything, and since you only know some things, you will never be greater than him. You will get your reward after you die, and not before it. You are expected to trust the benevolent God/dictator even if you suffer from it, in fact, the more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. The greatest thing you can do is to give your life for a friend, and the worst thing you can do is care for yourself – because that is the benevolent/God's job. You can live like an animal so you should trust God because animals are able to live and if you get very close to God, you will be and live like an animal too, and then you will not know evil and you will return to the garden of eden where you were when you did not know any evil before the original sin. Your greatest accomplishment would be to be homeless and penniless, living in the street, being grateful to God that some unknown human being knew you needed something to be comfortable to live and did it for you without your asking. If you are lucky, you can die for the sake of the benevolent dictator God if you can find someone evil enough to kill you for his sake at the same time. Whatever happens to either party, they will both be the wealthiest men or women in the next life-time, after they die, which someone claims is possible – to live by dying and after dying. You are encouraged by their ministers to believe that the benevolent dictator God can violate the laws of reason and the physical universe and even the secular society trains you to be such an ignorant citizen then when your consciousness awakens and you realize you are in contact with every other human being through non-physical means, you consider it a miracle, despite the fact that it has been that way your entire life without you realizing it, except they introduce it by a drug experience so they have some law to hold against you for most of your life, and so you can be arrested at any time they so desire. Thus, it is illegal to attain the normal state of human consciousness by law, and employers are one of the secondary means of enforcing that without the government, the schools being the primary means. Always working, never thinking, the young are brought up to be believe that nothing matters except through the laws of physics where force equals mass times distance and work is either that or energy, energy that must change form for anything to have been done. The poor can spend their entire lives wondering how someone can be paid more for occupying an office or position while they move hundreds of pounds per hour and receive the lowest legal wages in society. Cursing aloud at the conclusion that one man can move hundreds of pounds by opening his wallet and moving some paper while another has to use his back, a pallet jack, or his arms while at the same time he does not have enough money to pay the rent until it is nearly time to pay it while the other not only has enough, he collects the rent of hundreds or thousands of other persons.

The average American spends too much of his time defending the minimum wages he gets against statistics that tell him he makes seven times more than somebody else in a foreign land, but if the average American owned the land he lives on his wages would be many times less than they are and he does not actually get the money he earns, the landlords get it, the land owners. And what can that American do, not defend his wages? Thus, putting someone in his own class, the working class, in international mode furthers the interests of the wealthy again. The interests of the wealthy in a society where the schools teach the children they live in a classless society, but when it comes to be untrue in their own experience there is nobody to answer for it, as they have not enough money to influence anyone in government for anything to their benefit, and if they try, they get that religious mumbo jumbo described above about being selfish. And if they try it at work, there is a Supreme Court who judges the right to free speech in dollars and cents paid by the speaker as upholding the first amendment, to the detriment of the other rights a citizens is meant to have but does not.

Most citizens do not know what a right is and is not. Many of them define a right as an entitlement. A right is something that must be done and everything else is a wrong. An entitlement is an option and if your rights are options then you do not have the right to be right or the option to be right either. The clear induction is that doing wrong is okay with them, whether it is the government, the corporation, the spouse, or themselves. They seem to be more concerned, as they were taught to do, with material objects that make them feel better rather than doing right and not doing wrong. It would seem that a new television, computer, car, or house is right and everything else is wrong in their philosophy, as long as it belongs to them and they will not lose it. Basic survival with the gizmos and gadgets that make life fun for them, without regard for who suffers for it or what has to be done to get it there, and such is the will of Jesus the Christ in the religion they made out of someone getting the absolute worst case scenario of his worst fears and having no other rights or entitlements as God's will.

They say words are meaningless, now I realize they meant in contrast to an income, a spouse, a dwelling, a television, a stereo, transportation, and medical treatment. I thought it was a language barrier.

Some citizens, it would seem the Doctors of Philosophy exclusively, actually know how to think and reason, for they are the same thing. It is amazing for me to me when I talk to someone who I thought knew how to reason. I might say all citizens in the United States of American need an income to live and expect a reply such as you are right or you are wrong at least. Instead, I get answers of every sort depending mostly on the disposition of the other. If they are in a bad mood, they say, “No they don't, if they have enough money they do not have to work for a living” If they are in a good mode..., well, they rarely were where I worked. If I then say, as if they would be quite enough to let me speak two sentences sequentially without being interrupted, that every adult is a citizen; instead of the logical conclusion that every adult in the United States of America needs an income I get the other answer they would have given me if they did not listen at all: “No they don't, if they have enough money they do not have to work for a living.” Reasoning is like customer service, you might understand if you had worked in such a place, there is a correct response to a statement and the other responses are wrong. Of course there are variations as there are in customer service in responding, but answering with anything that is on your mind is not reasoning. To reason is to calculate the relatedness of what one says to the statement made and make a statement that is also true, then explore the differences and discover what other facts should be true if both or true or prove that something is not true. Often I find myself faced with someone who uses the all or nothing fallacy. If they can find one instance of the premises or the conclusion that is not true, then all the statements must be false, and they think they are done with it. This is not going in the Civil Rights as is. I wrote, that All citizens in the United States of America need an income to live. They responded, not if they have enough money. That money is their income. Income is something that comes in as an addition or increase, and certainly anyone who has enough money had to get it from somewhere unless it came out of the womb with them, which it never does.

I write again: “All citizens in the United States of America need an income to live.” Even a “human vegetable” is using resources that are being paid for by someone, from someone's income. If you are thinking in terms of syllogisms, that is the first premise or a conclusion. The first question I ask myself is whether it is true or not true. It seems true to me. Rationality is another faculty of reason, and I would declare that is a very rational statement since it is true of nearly every single citizen in the United States of America and not true of almost none, giving me a high probability of truth, a ratio of truth to falsehood that is far towards the side of truth, and therefore, worth considering even if not absolutely true, and noting that some believe that truth is not possible for everyone to know and some believe each has its own truth. If we are not arguing of the existance of truth, then we are being rational if we are being reasonable. Instead of some statement in response like “... does not smile at you do not believe in the Fire-Fly theater.” I would expect something along the order of: Then there should be a law that everybody has one. If anyone murders anyone we have a law against that, nobody doubts that anyone who gets murdered requires justice since they believe that murder is wrong at all times, and if it was a death and not wrong then it had to be a killing. So, I am justified in believing most citizens are not reasonable since they do not answer that statement in that way.

Somebody else, might claim that all the laws are to protect body and property and that would lead them to the stupid conclusion that having no income does not result in the loss of property or body. They do of course believe in the Jesus animal theory, that living like an animal as a homeless, penniless man, wandering the streets expecting God to hand them a place to sleep for the night or something to eat is the height of virtue for a human being. That I refuse to believe as I did before when I mocked it in a paragraph above this one. So, those citizens fail to reason properly too.

Some fans of the Republicans in the last election, like to answer this with the oath of the men of the mind on strike, “It went something like I will never live for the sake of anyone else and I will never let anyone live for the sake of me.” That is not possible since we pay taxes for the welfare of the United States of America and not for ourselves alone, which is probably why it was illogical to elect Mitt Romney as president of it. They seem to think that living for one's self will benefit everyone else whether or not it comes to pass or not, and if it does not then they are unfit thinkers that do not deserve to know what is right and what is wrong and are free to substitute a TV or a car for right and a curse word or a wrong towards somebody else, less able to defend themselves, for a wrong. The Pope once wrote, “freedom is the freedom to do right”, but obviously Mitt Romney and his Republicans believe otherwise. Freedom to them, I find from his statements, is the freedom to do right or wrong. I have trouble with their philosophy, they do not want me to have the freedom to do right,they simply offer me freedom, but not for any useful purpose whether I serve myself and no others or serve myself as I serve others. It is not relevant as to how I serve, the purpose of the statement was to show that freedom has a purpose and freedom by itself is not much and does not impress me favorably.

Let me ask you this: if your crystal is rated at 22pF, what size capacitors should you use on each side of it when attaching it to a PIC24F processor so as to have it work on a breadboard and in a printed circuit board design? Thanks for letting me ask you that. Good-bye. It is 7:34 PM here, and there has to be something else to do. The answer is 22.3 pF.

the general welfare of the citizens of the United State of America. They are more likely to try and hoard their money so they can arrive later with an advantage and put themselves above others, as they are doing now as the executives, shareholders, and owners of the employers that we have to beg for a job if we want any income.” Every citizen in the United States of America needs income to live.

This is getting me nowhere, which is why I have this trouble with this problem. I should stop listening, but I'm tired.