Prototype Solar Heater Automated Ventilator Duct

September 30, 2018

This are pictures of the first solar vent used towards the end of winter of 2017 – 2018.

This picture shows the window ventilator. The indoor temperature sensor is the wire hanging from the front, the ventilator door sensor is in the middle with a blue wire to the left and below the OPEN/CLOSE switch, the green button is a potentiometer to adjust the indoor temperature reaction level, and the ON/OFF red button. The device has 2 large ventilator doors that are hinged in the middle. They are opened and closed by ropes, shown on the dowel rods that act as pullies.

The back shows the ropes that operate the doors again. The motor was mounted behind the duct tape and the ropes are attached to a piece of pipe the motor turns to open or close the doors. The computer controls the motor and at one time there was another temperature sensor coming from the controller board to sense the inside the Solar heater temperature.

The picture shows the top of the ventilator where the ropes, pullies, pipe (for the ropes) and the controller unit on top can been seen.