Meade DS-2130 AT Newtonian Reflector Telescope

May 18, 2013

Enhanced Tripod Modifications

The Meade DS-2130 AT Newtonian Reflector Telescope with Autostar® computer guidance system sometimes develops a problem with the stability of its tripod as it gets older. I have tried putting more bolts into it, but the best modification so far has been to glue the leg mounts to the legs. Here are some photos of the process. This modification works great!

Illustration 1: I used this outdoor glue. I wanted to use epoxy but I did not have any.

Illustration 2: This Picture shows the tripod leg off of the tripod with the extra holes drilled.

Illustration 3: Here is the tripod leg without the cap. The inside of this is one of the surfaces that will be glued

Illustration 4: Here is the cap to the tripod leg removed from the tripod. This is the other surface that will be glued.

Illustration 5: Here is the glue set on the cap and ready to insert into the leg.

Illustration 6: Here is the reassembled leg, Side 1.

Illustration 7: Here is the reassembled leg, Side 2.

This modification greatly improved the stability of the tripod. Before this modification I was going to make tilt sensor to adjust the telescope as it moved.