These are some of the best results from my first attempts at photography using my Meade DS-2130AT with the Meade Basic Camera Adapter, T-Mount, a 15mm eyepiece, and a 2x Barlow lens.  The camera was a Nikon 8008 and the film was Polaroid 800 speed film. 














The lesson learned here is the exposure times do not need to be very long, fractions of a second are very good.  The longer exposures show the movement of the motors is not smooth enough for long exposure times.  The Basic Camera Adapter would only work with a Barlow lens in front of it, the focus barrel would have to go into the scope farther than possible to work without it. Focusing is also very difficult and none of these are as good as I have seen, Jupiter for instance, on a clear night. My collimation was correct when I bought it but I misadjusted it.